• April 19, 2014

      9AM: WOD "EVA"

      5 Rounds

      Run 800 M Run

      30 Kettlebell Swings

      30 Pull-ups


      10am: NO Striking

      11am: NO Kids Class


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What is CrossFit Prowess?

Interested in CrossFit? See what we are all about in these two videos and come join our amazing CrossFit Prowess family.   

Awesome People Of CrossFit Prowess

Thanks John for putting this amazing video together.  Starring the Awesome People of CrossFit Prowess. 

Making People Better

Do you have trouble answering this question? What is CrossFit?

I suggest you show them this video and tell them CrossFit Prowess is a place where impossible doesn’t exist, it's where I hangout with my friends, work really hard and leave every day a better person than I was the day before. Explain it’s not because of what you are now able to do, but because now you know there is nothing you can't do.